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What kind of lawyer would you prefer?

I do not know what is wrong with me!? I had need to consult with an attorney long ago before… Continue reading

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A Time of Renewal

….So, if you, a friend, or a family member is going through a family law crisis, please let them know my name. I would be glad to meet with them and see if I am the right attorney for them. Continue reading

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Personal Soap Box: Insight Communications, Inc & the “bundling” trap

First of all, Insight is engaging in poor business practices in that they effectively punish people who become loyal customers. The second lesson then is that our reluctance to change is our enemy. The third lesson is that when a company gets large enough, they no longer have to reckon with the individual customer. Continue reading

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Best Practice in Dependency, Abuse & Neglect Matters

I am writing this to correct any idea that I inadvertently promoted that being adversarial with the Cabinet is the way to win your case (I mean adversarial in the sense of ones attitude rather than in the sense that the court process is an adversarial process). Those criticisms are designed mainly for a global change in the system through political action; they are not meant to fuel a personal vendetta in an individual case. Continue reading

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New Christian Legal Society forming:

A chapter of the Christian Legal Society is forming in the Bluegrass area of Kentucky. For more information about this forming CLS chapter, contact Gregory A. Napier in Lexington, Kentucky. Integrating one’s walk of faith with their practice of law, … Continue reading

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Systemic apathy and the attorney’s charge

Apathy is the predominate risk with judicial venues where the majority of defendants are guilty of what is alleged against them, such as criminal court or dependency, neglect and abuse court. This systemic apathy leads to the few truly innocent … Continue reading

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The Cabinet takes a stand for the “best interest of the child (umm – no) . . . Cabinet/Worker”

I try to take at least 24 hours to calm down over a topic before I write a post about it. This time I took about 96 hours. I recently had a conversation with Cabinet worker’s in Fayette County. The … Continue reading

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