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Keeping it cool

On the more complex level, your posts and tweets can be used as evidence in a divorce hearing. They are admissible because they are an admission the party that made the comment. All the attorney has to do is authentic the post or tweet by asking you on the stand, “Do you recognize this comment? Did you make this comment?” and you are toast. So, resist the urge to express yourself. Return temporarily to the olden days where people got their gossip the old fashioned way rather than providing it directly with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (sorry MySpace, I know no one who uses you). Keep the temperature of the divorce cool so that the damage is minimized and the chance of healing optimized. Continue reading

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Lawyer Tactics in Divorce: The attorney fee correlation

When it is all said and done and the money that would have paid for your children’s college has been spent – what it left? Nothing was really resolved and there are a whole set of fresh injuries to nurse. So, if you want an expensive divorce – get an aggressive attorney. If, however, you want to get on with your life and experience some semblance of peace – find a lawyer that believes in resolving conflict rather than profiting from it. Continue reading

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