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Domestic Violence & Mediation

Often, this two-step mediation process will be the first experience each party has had with resolving a conflict without the burden of powering up or giving in. Continue reading

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Next Gen. Mediation

There is a better model of mediation! Continue reading

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Affordable Mediation

I apologize for the redundancy, but I realized my last post that addressed the issue of affordable medation was quite long and so some may not have gotten to the important part. So far as I know, I am the … Continue reading

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How Mediation can be like MMA

I know, you thought I was talking about Mixed Martial Arts. And, truth be told, I have seen some mediations that wanted to go the route of verbal MMA. But, even that can be turned to a productive session. Actually, … Continue reading

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Predictable Litigation Results

The results from litigating always fall into one of two outcomes: either one party wins and the other loses or both parties lose. This is because litigation is an adversarial process where parties seek to beat one another. And, both … Continue reading

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Christmas Conflict

The words Christmas and conflict really do not belong together and yet, the holidays seem to offer lots of opportunities for conflict. Family members come together, expectations run high. Time runs low. Stresses increase. It is an odd thing that … Continue reading

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What cost peace?

Peace does have a price. The degree of peace we have experienced on our own soil as a country was paid for with the lives of soldiers in foreign battle fields. I do not mean to belittle the terrorist attacks … Continue reading

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