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Gregory Adam Napier – born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. Married to Cynthia Ann Napier in 1990, they now enjoy three beautiful daughters. He graduated with high distinction from the Family Studies program at the University of Kentucky in 1990 and graduated from the University of Kentucky’s College of Law, cum laude, within the top 12% of his class. Trained as a Family Law Mediator. Recipient of the Distinguished Bankruptcy Law Student Award from the American College of Bankruptcy. Licensed attorney in Kentucky, he is a Counselor at Law in Lexington, Kentucky with Troutman & Napier, PLLC.
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E-mail: gnapier@troutmannapier.com

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The Supreme Court of Kentucky
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United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky
United States District Court for the Western District of Kentucky
United States Bankruptcy Court the Western District of Kentucky

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Kentucky Bar Association
National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys

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  1. chris campbell says:

    please send fax number cover ups in madisonville ky. my sons murder and how they kept his army grave marker said face it he killed him self I have the proof state forisic report

  2. chris campbell says:

    e mail me please a fax number to cwmotorcycles@att.net

  3. Austin Price says:


    We are very happy to report that this campaign has really taken off like a rocket! Darlene has already traveled to twenty-one (21) counties in Kentucky, and spoken before more than 2,500 people in just over two months. Her reception has been overwhelmingly, enthusiastic and warm, as Darlene’s amazing story continues to resonate with voters in these challenging times. Darlene has secured more than 100 people who wish to be active volunteers on Darlene’s campaign, many who are the movers and shakers of their communities (e.g., Mayors, County Judge Executives, County Court Clerks, County Attorneys, etc.). We are also seeing positive results in the area of donations!

    To the committee members and supporters that are making this campaign possible, we just want to take time to thank you so much for your hard work, support and hospitality. As Darlene often says in her speeches, “It’s time we stop sending the same old, silver spooned, country club, professional politicians to represent us. We’re tired of the same old corporate lap dogs! It’s time to send a new breed of dog to the Hill – a WATCH DOG!”

    Your hard work and support is paying off! Let’s keep the momentum going! Feel free to contact us at any time at the below contact numbers / e-mail address. As always, we are open to suggestions and love hearing from you.


    Austin Price, Esquire
    Campaign Chairman

    Larry King
    Co-Chair and Campaign Manager


  4. Ian says:

    Let us be thankful that we finally have a candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2010. Darlene Fitzgerald Price will be the candidate to watch. She has the creditials that Kentuckians are hungry for: military veteran (former captain in U.S. Army, having completed air assault and air borne schools), former Special Agent with U.S. Customs Service, national security whistleblower after uncovering high level corruption within the U.S. Customs Service and has a master degree in secondary education. I plan on voting for her and would like for you to view her website at http://www.Darlene4Senate.com.

  5. Tommy & LaDonna Smith says:

    I got some questions to ask well back in 2007.The social workers took our children from us on lies.Then in 2009 they terimanited our rights.And we did’nt know we could repelled it no one told us that we could.So my sister has been fighting to get them well she went to court on March 31- 2010.The judge was willing to give them to her,but the social workers decieded to go and get my 11 year old and had her to talk to the judge she was upset and they said that she did’nt want to go with my sister.See they was took from us back in 2004 for no reason and we got them back.And my sister than had tempory custody of them then.They are five children.But they did’nt pull in the others to see if they wanted to go with my sister.The social workers down here in Morehead Ky.And I was wondering if there is any way we could get them in the family.When my sister went to court she had wittiness on the cases a social worker and a cop and a judge from another county were she lives at in menifee county and I just wondering if anyone could help her get my children they are under the age of 12.So please if you could please email me at tommy11@hillbillymail.com. Please help us.

    Thank you very much.Mr&Mrs.Smith

  6. Chuck Farley says:

    My wife is an investigative social worker for the cabinet (CPS). She is currently under discipline for falling behind her quota. She has been told that she would have vacation and compensation time withheld even for weddings unless she got her numbers up. She routinely has a monthly average case load above 25 active cases which is the maximum allowed by KRS. She prioritizes her cases based on most the most critical, not the oldest. This is far from idea. It is a shame that families that should not have been referred in the first place, have to be strung along. The alternative is that cases pose actual threats to the children are not investigated properly or in a timely matter.

    After 4 years of working for the Cabinet, she has been unable to use a day of vacation and has accumulated so much comp time that she is sometimes forced to take off. She has worked off the clock on many occasions. She appears to be to conscientious to work for the Cabinet. Again what a shame that the workers who want to actually want to make a difference are driven out while workers who push numbers are rewarded.

    Additionally, the courts seem to use their pulpit chastise inept county attorney’s and letting perpetrators get away with abuse. Defense Attorney attack the cabinet and individual social workers. In the end, it is children and families are put through hell and the workers that are assigned to protect them are stripped of resources, given unreasonable case loads, bound in red tape and bureaucracy and driven from their chosen profession. Pharaoh’s plan to have the Israelites make bricks without straw did not work out too well for him and is does not work for the Cabinet.

    I don’t know what the answer to all of this is, but I do not see it changing in our current environment. I am fairly conservative and believe that most of governments roles in society are over stepping it’s intended bounds. I tend to look back at the Preamble of the Constitution to determine the spirit of the founding fathers. I think that the this one of those area that would fall under providing for the General Welfare. Police, firefighters, and social workers are needed to protect us from our selves. If our economy goes south we will recover after some time, but immediate threats need to be combated continuously.

    • ElusiveJustice says:

      I could not have said this better myself. Politicians love to say “throwing money at the problem won’t help.” In this situation, that is exactly what needs to happen. Sufficient money to fund sufficient workers that will provide sufficient efforts to protect the children.

  7. Denise says:

    I have a neighbor who works for social services. There has been a month long dispute regarding our children and her boyfriend. During a dispute tonight he started yelling at me that I am on food stamps. I said it was none of his business and he just kept on. It dawned on me that the only way he knew is if she look up my information and divulged this to him. I was wondering is this a breach in my confidential information per Ky law? If so what can be done?

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