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Prosecutorial Misconduct Derails Pursuit of Justice

Check out this article from LawReader  citing a study by the Center for Public Integrity.  One reason why justice remains elusive is that some attorney’s ignore their code of ethics.  The above article focuses on prosecutor’s ignoring their ethical guidelines but such … Continue reading

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Denial of a petition to terminate parental rights appealable

In their ‘to be published’ K.R.L. v. P.A.C. et al, 2006-CA-0364-ME decision, the Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled KRS 625.110 unconstitutional to the extent that it prohibits the right of appeal from a denied petition for termination of parental rights.  The … Continue reading

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Adoptions & The Cabinet for Health & Family Services

In my former life I worked for over a decade in child protective services and dealt with foster care and adoption issues on a daily basis.  I am encouraged by the attention being directed at adoption and foster care recently.  … Continue reading

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Salute to Family Law

Perhaps there are colleges that focus a great deal more on family law than I experienced at my alma mater.  We had plenty of business and commerce related courses but only a single family law course.  This frustrated me somewhat … Continue reading

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Yet Another Reason to go Small!

Here is a quote from a great post on by Carolyn Elefant about the value one gets from a solo or small firm: “Say you decide to charge a flat fee of $18,000 for an appeal that you predict … Continue reading

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