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Systemic apathy and the attorney’s charge

Apathy is the predominate risk with judicial venues where the majority of defendants are guilty of what is alleged against them, such as criminal court or dependency, neglect and abuse court. This systemic apathy leads to the few truly innocent … Continue reading

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The Cabinet takes a stand for the “best interest of the child (umm – no) . . . Cabinet/Worker”

I try to take at least 24 hours to calm down over a topic before I write a post about it. This time I took about 96 hours. I recently had a conversation with Cabinet worker’s in Fayette County. The … Continue reading

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An example of resistance to change:

I encourage everyone to read this full article on an interview with Professor Robert G. Lawson in the Courier Journal. Bob Lawson is that rare individual who is willing to go against the popular tide and critical examine a position … Continue reading

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The enemy, resistance

Its an obvious truth that people resist change. Systems resist change too. Resistance for the sake to resisting change is the enemy to individuals and to systems. We shut out possibilities and shut down creativity by resisting new perspectives and … Continue reading

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John Adams said it better

Thanks to the US Post Office, I found the following quote that said my point in my prior post far more concisely: “Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.” John Adams, 1765.

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Words to give pause

Blogger’s like to have readers – otherwise they would just keep a journal and hide it under their mattress. So, when someone says “I read your blog”, there is usually a certain gratification. However, when that person is a judge … Continue reading

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