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Best Practice in Dependency, Abuse & Neglect Matters

I am writing this to correct any idea that I inadvertently promoted that being adversarial with the Cabinet is the way to win your case (I mean adversarial in the sense of ones attitude rather than in the sense that the court process is an adversarial process). Those criticisms are designed mainly for a global change in the system through political action; they are not meant to fuel a personal vendetta in an individual case. Continue reading

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John Adams said it better

Thanks to the US Post Office, I found the following quote that said my point in my prior post far more concisely: “Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.” John Adams, 1765.

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Creativity Justice nexus

I was recently complimented by two opposing counsel because they each like working with me. I had to pause and consider the deeper ramifications of being complimented by opposing counsel: did it mean I was a pushover? Since, in both … Continue reading

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Arbitration by trusted independent agencies?!

Here is a post by Bluegrass Business Law blog discussing enforceability of arbitration agreements. What the blogger fails to point out is that in the case discussed, Paul Miller Ford’s arbitration agreement calls for the Better Business Bureau to handle … Continue reading

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Long time

Wow, it has been two months since I posted anything!!! I hope to be back soon, but things have been a bit busy and blogging is down below spending time with my children on the old priority list. There are … Continue reading

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Hope to be back at the press soon

Just wanted to let you all know that I have been exceptionally busy recently and hope to be back soon.

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News stories regarding child protection:

I encourage you to read these stories from today’s Herald Leader: Toiling for hope, family Often, there’s no easy answer They echo many of the things I have said social workers for the Cabinet struggle with in prior posts and … Continue reading

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