Best Practice in Dependency, Abuse & Neglect Matters

I have written criticisms in here about practices by the Cabinet that I find unsettling and sometimes that I abhor. I have also written defenses for the Cabinet because of the monumental tasks they are required to accomplish with such limited resources. Both of these positions are open to being misconstrued and misapplied. Yes, there are some real concerns in the practices of many workers and supervisors in the Cabinet and which are fostered on up the chain of command. There are some significant systemic problems as well. However, if you find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of having the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Department of Community Based Services (what a mouthful of a title – I feel sorry for the folks who have to answer their phones) in your life, the single best approach is to keep a mindset of cooperation; avoid antagonism. I am writing this to correct any idea that I inadvertently promoted that being adversarial with the Cabinet is the way to win your case (I mean adversarial in the sense of ones attitude rather than in the sense that the court process is an adversarial process). Those criticisms are designed mainly for a global change in the system through political action; they are not meant to fuel a personal vendetta in an individual case.

Of course it is human to want to lash out in anger at this behemoth of an agency that does not seem to care or at workers who do not seem to understand. Of course it is a tragic and trying time when your child has been taken from you and young folks fresh out of college and are not yet fully raised themselves are telling you how to raise your children. Take all of those normal feelings, go in a closet, grab a thick pillow and scream every bit of outrage into that pillow where no one can hear. After that, whenever you are interacting with the Cabinet or with your children, you remind yourself that these folks are there doing what they believe is right for your child. That is actually the case about 9,999 times out of 1,000 or more (the key word is “believes”). In fact, the vast majority of the time they are at least hitting the paper that has the target printed on it even if they are missing the target itself, let alone the bullseye.

So, after screaming it out, you need to take a good, hard look at yourself regarding how the Cabinet says you screwed up. Do this for your child because if the Cabinet is close to right, then you owe it to your child to admit the shortcoming and fix it. Yes, they may have gone about things the wrong way, denied a Constitutional right or two, misrepresented what you said or sometimes flat out lied about you (they tend to justify the means by the end and the phrase “best interest of the child”). Those are NOT to be your focus unless you want to increase your chances at a termination of your parental rights down the road. Your focus is getting your child back in your home by becoming a better parent (we can all be better parents, so take the chip off of your shoulder when I say that). Don’t just play the game; honestly consider what they say and find how it fits. Believe me, they have enough work to do without needing to take your child for no reason at all or to just mess with you. Sure, they may have grossly overreacted, but that does not change that they picked up on a legitimate issue.

Now, I am not saying to admit to things that, after reflection, really are not true and this advise mainly applies to after an adjudication or stipulation has occurred (before that: be careful what your say, talk to a lawyer if you can, but still be kind). I am surely not telling you to say or do something your attorney has advised against. I am talking about a mindset and a cooperative approach that will increase the likelihood of the return of your children. Be kind and respectful in talking to your worker, avoid blaming them or others and never cuss or threaten them.

Why? you ask. Two reasons: 1) it is the right way to treat folks, even those who seem to be harming you; and 2) it is the pragmatic thing to do when faced with someone far more powerful than you. For a variety of reasons, Cabinet workers tend to take displays of anger towards them from parents as signs of denial and defiance. They equate denial and defiance as someone who is not going to take good care of their children and a likely sign of emotional instability. They want compliance, not consternation. I know, you are right, they are supposed to be trained professionals who understand the grief process and wildly swinging emotions that kick in when one’s family is ripped apart. Just forget about that. Being right is not going to get your children home. All you will achieve by pointing out the individual flaws of your worker is someone with a great deal of authority who believes you are a lost cause. Again, I am not saying to just parrot back to them everything they say, but if they say something that ticks you off, just say “You know, I really want to understand what you are saying there” or “I really want to spend some time thinking about what you just said” and then work it through later, somewhere else, with someone safe.

This is also not to say that you don’t fight for your rights. It is just a different way of fighting. Let your lawyer fight using the tools of the system in court. Fighting does not have to involve emotional attacks. I have represented many people in dependency, neglect and abuse actions. Those that get their children back home the quickest are the ones who take the approach I outlined above. Those that are determined to right the wrongs in their case usually take the longest to see their children return. Those that are adamant about beating the Cabinet are usually the ones who lose their children for good. Remember, the Cabinet has the overwhelming advantage because the statutes give them the upperhand, because they have far greater resources that you can imagine, and because the judges believe and trust them. You can stand shaking you fist and yelling about the injustice all you like, but that approach, in my experience, always makes justice more elusive.

As an aside: there is one supervisor with the Cabinet who is terribly fond of telling parents from whom she has removed children or terminated rights that “it isn’t personal”. I think of her as the Vulcan of the starfleet Cabinet. There is nothing more personal than having one’s children taken away. I think it is her way of constantly insulating herself from the inevitable pain that goes with her chosen profession. I also think she is trying to tell parents not to hold her personally accountable for the decision; that she is just a cog in the wheel. She’s wrong on both accounts. But, if you have this supervisor or another who uses “it’s not personal” as their catch-phrase, let it remind you that your personal feelings are not safe in their hands. Find someone for whom it is personal in the sense that they care, have compassion, but can still confront you when your are wrong rather than just commiserate to share those personal feelings with.

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  1. curious for more says:

    (quote): [T]he single best approach is to keep a mindset of cooperation; avoid antagonism.

    (quote): I am surely not telling you to say or do something your attorney has advised against.

    Question for additional discussion:

    Seems that these two concepts sometimes conflict when situations get escalated. For example, say a parent has been counseled not to allow a social worker into their home without having a 3rd party there (even a neighbor perhaps). This “refusal of entry” seems to be considered by many social workers to be antagonistic (or, at the very least, suspicious). By wanting to have someone else present, it also can put the social worker on the defensive by creating the perception of distrust between the parent and the system. If you have a parent that has been involved in the system before (perhaps for something like habitual poverty) it is possible you have been advised of something like this by an attorney before the current incident. Even something like saying you want to contact an attorney can be antagonizing because it frustrates a social worker’s efforts (at the very least it means not closing the case that day).

    Having a stranger stand at your door and accuse you of harming your child…especially when that stranger has the power to separate you and your child…creates such strong emotion, and even when not directed at a social worker personally, it is hard as the parent to be warm and friendly (my version of “cooperate”) without some of that emotion coming out in ways that are misunderstood.

    When you add together any “resistance” (i.e. contacting a lawyer before having an interview) to the emotion a parent is feeling, the situation seems almost destined to create some level of hostility.

    Any rubber meets the road tips on how to balance legal advice with the emotion without creating defensiveness? Contrasting scenarios perhaps on the “right” and “wrong” way to accomplish the same goals?

  2. ContinuousGrowth says:

    I have read a lot of your posts and agree with most of what you say. It is fruitless to “right-fight” with a worker. But I have to add that it can be just as fruitless to walk the line of “change” for improved parenting skills.

    I found in my case that many of the “counselors” I was assigned to were of not much help. For example: I had blurred boundaries, enmeshed relationships, and many dysfunctions in my family. On some subconscious level I was aware of these issues, only couldn’t put my finger on the cause or fix. The biggest point against us at case plan meeting after case plan meeting was a lack of cooperation with the case plan, though we did everything required, which wasn’t much. Our case plan consisted my husband and I to continue our counseling and get a mental health evaluation. We did both. My husband completed his sessions with his counselor to the point he was discharged with no further services recommended through the agency. I did the same. We completed the Mental Health evaluation which recommended Parenting classes and Anger Management for my husband, Parenting classes for myself and Marital Therapy for both of us. That is the counseling we both completed lacking the Marital part as DCBS required my filing an EPO against my husband and having him removed from the home, and they were never willing to allow us to attend therapy together. I repeatedly asked for those services so that our family could heal and be rebuilt and all I received was “there isn’t any programs available in this area”. Imagine that; No services available to help a family “reunite” or rebuild, it’s sub-parts. If I have learned anything, it is that we all worked as a system. It may not have been working right, but that was what needed attention. To effectively treat the system (the family) you have to treat the whole system, not just sub-parts. Isn’t this what they keep saying has to happen with the Cabinet?

    Riding on the hinges of “services aren’t available” I went to desperate measures (which I won’t say here as no one would benefit from my actions) the result was losing my children forever. My children were removed immediately and no visitation allowed. Though my children were not harmed we were denied contact with them for nearly three years!! All hinging on the County Attorney continuously saying they were “investigating” allegations of abuse by my husband. No evidence ever presented of abuse. In that three years without seeing them we continued to search for the help we needed and were able to find it in another state and moved. It was the most painful thing aside from losing them, that I had ever done. But I also knew that we still needed the help and if we weren’t getting it there, we would surely have no chance of seeing them again.

    We didn’t have our first permanency hearing until 15 months after removal, to which our case worker was the only one to testify. Did I mention the Judge signed the permanency hearing order before any testimony was heard? It was a month later that the worker testified at a “review hearing” and we never got to testify at our permanency hearing. Instead the cabinet filed for the Involuntary Termination and that took front seat to anything else. I didn’t even understand until after the fact that the Neglect, Dependency or Abuse Petition was a separate case from the Involuntary Termination Case.

    Here is an interesting twist in the case. After making several motions over the three years for visitation, the Judge asks the Cabinet where the investigation sits because if they don’t file charges by the next review there was no choice but to start reunification services including visitation!! Low and behold within hours the worker is faxing counselors and talking to foster parents. I have the fax copies showing times and her testimonies outlines the timeline. By the next review I am granted supervised visits but my husband is denied as they were able to bring abuse charges. Three years and I finally get to see the kids. These visits go on for over a year while the case stands still and the date for the Termination trial is set. The kids testify that they were told what to say, by the foster parents! My attorney says I will get my chance, he knows I have recordings of the worker telling us we have done an excellent job turning this around. We spent thousands driving hundreds of miles for court dates, my flying back and forth monthly for visits and providing reports from a Family Systems Psychotherapist recommending immediate reunification.

    We played by the rules, we were cordial and polite, and have hours of recorded case plan meetings to document this. Hours of video-taped visits. We had our trial and lost our kids. We were the only two to testify for our defense because of an attorney “mistake” of not answering a motion for Discovery until 5 days after the deadline, so our witnesses and evidence we were going to present were denied by a Motion In Limine granted by the Judge. The social worker lies and states that the children made statements of abuse on dates that all fall within 30 days of the date the Judge forced their hand (at the review hearing she gave them 30 days to bring charges) and no one testifies to best interests of the children. We appeal and lose. No tapes, no videotape, no proof given from our side because of a Motion In Limine!!

    My point in all this is that they claim reasonable efforts to reunify were made. How can they claim this when we sought out services to address our issues when they said none were available in the area. We made the drives, walked the line, never missed a visit, case plan or court date after the removal. How does this happen? Because they hide behind their immunity. Families need more resources made available. Resources that are effective. Resources that aren’t so limited. ASFA does not provide equal protection as it doesn’t provide an avenue for redress. Reasonable efforts are losely defined to “services available”. If ASFA allowed for the same incentives applied to adoptions, to also be applied to reunification efforts, more resources could be made available. The scales are heavily tipped towards fast tracking an adoption not fast tracking the reunification efforts. Just look at how they perform social worker reviews. Social workers are given high results for adoption results, yet the evaluation doesn’t even include reunification efforts. Am I emotional now? You betcha I am emotional! I am outraged! Not because we lost our trial, but because we did the work to provide our children a safe and nurturing atmosphere, we did the work to educate ourselves and we did what was right for our children and they don’t even get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. I can promise you that the persons caring for them now do not understand the full gravity of their history, nor understand what they need as far as services. I say this because they are all being medicated to control their behavioral issues, instead of addressing the behaviors’ source.

    We have high hopes for the future that maybe someday our children will seek us out and we will be given the opportunity to build a healthy relationship with them. This would not have been likely without all the therapy we have under-gone over the last few years, and yes, we still go as we have wounds that can’t even begin to heal until the bleeding stops. (The loss of our children) The grim outlook is that the trauma they have suffered from separation (because, despite our marital and family dysfunction, our children were part of a family they loved and whom loved them) and alienation from their foundation has likely caused a cycle of long-term issues that will not be known until they return, if they return.

    I thank you for this forum as you are doing something to educate people.

  3. Guyla Dethridge says:

    Please help me understand how thi can legally happen?

  4. ContinuousGrowth says:

    It happens legally by the letter of the law. Everyday citizens are not educated in family law practices and therefore are at mercy of the system. A system wrenched in communication gaps and vague definitions. There are several federal programs that financially reimburse the local entities under the umbrella of “protection”. One of the biggest issues with the guidelines for termination is a lack of accountability, the other being a lack of clarity with respect to the laws governing and defining “abuse, or neglect”. If they can “make it fit” they will.

    There is no requirement for attorneys to be educated in ASFA guidelines (which are the federal mandates and requirements) that stipulate the current requirements for termination in or to qualify for the federal reimbursements. Much less any requirements for the judges ruling on these matters to be educated. Judges will routinely rubber stamp approvals, and order removals of children from their families in the defense of “better to weigh on the side of precaution” than to seek out the truth. It is much the same way in criminal court actions as over 90% of criminal cases never make it to trial. Defendants routinely are coached to take a plea by their “hired” attorneys because attorneys routinely advocate for the easy solution. I say that because the majority of attorneys are appointed to their clients due to indigence. There is a small sum of the population that can “afford” a good defense attorney, but this is a VERY small percentage. A good defense attorney can run you tens of thousands of dollars and this is no different in the family court system.

    Our attorneys did not see us as victims in need of justice, rather a portion of a paycheck (and a small portion at that). Not worthy of a proper defense as we had not paid enough for it. We educated our attorneys on our findings to no avail as they couldn’t see where they could get the funds to battle this monster for us.

    The simple answer to your question lay in the definition you place on “justice”, “truth”, “accountability”, and “fair”. For these words remain subject to interpretation by those answering the question. Communications lye at the foundation of our existence and when communication fails, the process fails. This is true in life, relationships, workplace practice, and societal groups. Everything we are is grounded in communication, and without successful communication, we fail to progress.

  5. Guyla Dethridge says:

    My ex-husband has played this system to his advantage, three different times, in the last three years. His goal has always been to gain custody of our two children so he will not have to pay child support. For reasons unknown to me, the social worker beleives my ex and, in turn, family court beleives the social worker. I became involved with family court in September 2005 because my ex-husband and I filed emergency protective orders against each other. My ex-husband played the “she’s on drugs” card and the family court judge took sides with my ex-husband. She ordered me to submit to drug test and CHFS to facilitate visitation. I tried to explain that I am not on drugs. I admitted that I have smoked marijuana, but I don’t smoke regularly and my children have not seen me smoke. I failed the first test given to me with a positive THC. This was the beginning of 2006. I jumped CHFS and family court hoopes, passed drug test and finally got rid of them December 2006, when my divorce became final.

    August 2007 my ex filed a self-help motion, once again, accussing me of being on drugs and he requested custody of our two children because of my so-called drug use. He requested a court hearing as soon as possible and was given one within a month. However, the morning of his requested hearing he files a request to withdraw his self-help motion because he and I had worked out our differences. It’s funny how there was nothing I needed to work out. The children and I were living a structured, stable, life. The ex was traveling to work (something he has done for the last 13 years), he was planning to fight me for custody, but his employer needed him to travel to another state to work, so my ex needed to withdraw his request because it worked for him. bully me, intimidate me, and control me.

    Little did I know, my ex was planning another attack. Thanksgiving weekend, November 2007, my ex got mad at me because I didn’t do what he told me to do and he got an EPO against me and once again he played the “she’s on drugs card”. I proved no fear or danger existed but the judge placed a DVO against me. She gave my ex temporary custody of our children, but also stated on the DVO Order that custody is to remain as in the circuit court action. The judge allowed my ex to talk about custody issues in the DVO hearing and when I would try to respond, the judge would tell me to be quiet. Once again she jerked my children up from their stable, loving, home. She believed the words of my ex and ordered me to submit to more drug tests and she ordered CHFS in to designate visitation. Once again I was told to follow CHFS case plan and once again I did what they told me too. During this time I filed some DVO Amendments but the Judge treated them like they were meaningless.

    Surprisingly, the ex had an incident happen at his house during the time he had temporary custody. He and his girlfriend were double the legal limit drunk, he had an altercation with his girlfriends 12 year old daughter. He was accused of physical abuse on this child and he was accused of neglect on our two children. CHFS placed my children back in foster care and refused to place them with me. I attended the juvenile hearings my ex created and during the first juvenile hearing my ex filed a DVO Amendment requesting the judge drop the DVO against me and return the children to me. The judge dismissed the DVO, in it’s entirity, but she refused to make a custody dicision in the DVO hearing. How can this be, since this is the very hearing she took my children from me? Needless to say, the juvenile hearings started and I sat in the pews so I would know what they were doing with my children. My ex-husband attended the Emergency Removal Hearing. He attended the Temporary Removal Hearing. He attended the Adjudication Hearing and was found guilty of neglect on our two children.

    However, he relocated to another state and did not attend the Disposition Hearing. At the start of the Disposition Hearing my ex-husbands attorney told the judge her client was not there and that she had not been able to contact him. At this time, the judge instructed me to come before her and take a seat. The judge immediately addressed me as if I was the responsible party and she ordered me to do all sorts of things. She ordered me to submit to more drug tests and to follow the recommendations of CHFS. I did everything they told me to do. I was told on May 12, 2008 to go immediately and take a drug test and if I passed it then I could have my children back. I did as told, passed the drug test and picked my children up at 8 p.m. on May 12, 2008. The children and I lived a stable, structured life. I worked every day, the children attended school and was doing great. Home visits were fine and the social worker never mentioned any allegations that were being made against me. February 2, 2009 was the Permanancey Hearing. I arrived for this hearing, unaware of what was about to happen. My ex-husband was present for this hearing and I thought, “Good, I won’t have to set in his seat.” Boy, was I wrong. To my surprise, my ex sat with the social worker and prosecutors and I was made to continue in his seat. The judge did not address my ex at all. The social worker began to accuse me of being on drugs and making allegations that I had someone living in my home that shouldn’t be. I was confused at what I was hearing and requested to see the report that had been filed by CHFS. The social worker documented how the home visits went fine and the children are well bonded with me, and he was not able to confirm the allegations, but he thought them to be true, so they should take my children once again. The judge agreed with them, as she always does and removed my children for the third time. At the next hearing the social worker ask the judge to order me to submit to a hair follicle drug test. This is where I draw the line. I asked what warrants me to do such a thing. I have asked for someone to show me a law of this land that allows such intrusion. I have been drug testing for this system since 2006. My criminal record nor my life reflects that of someone on drugs. The laws I have found plainly state the burden of proof is on them, not me. If the laws of this land support me, then how can CHFS and the family court judge keep my children? Based on the 15 out of 22 month law, how can CHFS petition to change their case plan from reunification to adoption when my son has been in foster care a total of 12 months? These people are trying to force me to give possible incriminating evidence against myself, by telling me that I am right as far as I do not have to take this tests but if I do not take a hair follicle drug test then I will not get my children.

    How can these people abuse me and keep my children from me based solely on the fact that I refuse to take a hair follcile? They tell me they cannot understand why I refuse to take the tests so because they can’t understand why I do what I do they figure I am on drugs. Even though I have given several reasons why I won’t these people refuse to consider anything other than my refusal to a hair follicle. Please, before I am bombarded with “just take the tests”, take into consideratation my reasons why such as: I am not a responsible party listed on the original petition. I have been made to stand accountable for anothers wrong doings. I have been drug testing for this system since 2006. My criminal record does not reflect a person who is on drugs. CHFS has not documented the reasonalbe efforts they made to prevent removal, nor have they documented the reasonable efforts they have made to reunify my family, nor have they documented their reasons as to why they beleive my children would remain in danger if placed back in my care. Also, I forgot to mention CHFS requested I be ordered to submit to a psychological evaluation. I did submit to this and the results from this evaluation is that I have the parenting skills to parent my children and the recommendations of the Psychologist is for them to transition my children back to my custody. These are a few of the reasons I refuse such a tests, but one of the biggest reasons is: I refuse to be controlled by an entity of my government. It goes against everything our country stands on.

    Thanks for your time. Any suggestions or constructive critism would be appreciated.

    • ContinuousGrowth says:

      At the twelve month mark there is a permanency requirement. Though you are not part of the petition, you are a parent of the child. You are part of the case plan and a possible candidate for placement. Though they can not force your hand to take the test they can intimidate you for not submitting. Playing all the rules has proven to be less than successful with the cabinet for years. Do you have a permanency hearing coming up? Do you have representation? I suggest that if you said yes to both of these questions then you gear up for the hearing by getting your evidence together. That means getting your reports, getting the psychologist subpoena and any other witnesses you can to bring your defense. If you never submit to the hair test, the only evidence they can use is your past tests which were negative. They can not use their own opinion of your drug use as fact at the hearing and if they try you had better make your attorney object to the testimony as they are NOT expert witnesses. They are social workers and can only testify to facts that are documented. Oh, please do not misunderstand that what I am saying is the gospel and that they will be stopped in their tracks. They are going to try to say what ever they can and get away with it. That is where your attorney comes in. You have to make him DO his job and keep out the hearsay evidence. You must get the plan together and go over all of these issues before you are sitting there in the courtroom. What is your visitation at this time?

  6. Guyla Dethridge says:

    My visitation is court ordered, supervised, at the discretion of CHFS. They allow me to visit my children for one hour, once a week. The week before christmas, my ex husband moved our two children to another state. I had a one hour “christmas visit” at CHFS office on December 28, 2009. I do not know when I will get to see them again. My ex says he will not ever bring them. The social worker requested clarification from the judge as too my visitation and visitation between siblings. The judge continues to leave it at the discretion of CHFS. I still have one hour, once a week visits with my 3 yr old. We had our regular visit scheduled for today from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. I received a message this morning from CHFS. The social worker was rescheduling my visit because of the snow storm that was supposed to hit. I did not and still do not accept missing my visit with my little man because of the possiblity of incoming snow. By the way, snow flakes started falling around 3:30 pm today. It did not start accumilating for a couple of hours later. CHFS rescheduled a visit for Monday morning at 9:30 am. What will they do because the snow we are getting right now, I suspect, will be here Monday.

    I have four children: a girl 23 yrs, a girl 12 yrs, a boy 8 yrs, and a boy 3 yrs. My 12 yr old and 8 yr old are by my second marriage. It is their father who is driven by the almighty dollar and it is he who has stopped at nothing to prevent ever having to pay. This is the third time he has played this system. The first two times CHFS took my children, they did not take my 3 yr old. This time they involved him and removed him the day after they took my 12 and 8 yr old

    My two children that was removed from my ex-husband recently was moved off to another state. The judge gave the ex temporary custody and allowed this move to take place and what gets me is; it is the middle of the school year. I have been begging for my children. I have proven myself just by my actions, not to mention three years of drug testing. I have remained a productive member of society and walk with my head up. This is not good enough. Nothing I do is good enough. I am not doing the hair follicle drug test, they cannot understand why, so as long as I refuse then they are left to think I am on drugs.

    They have had my children for one year this time around. There are no facts, at all, that I have ever neglected or abused my chuldren. There are no facts that I am on drugs. The only reason they have kept my children from me and the only reason they refuse to give my children back to me is; I will not take a hair follicle drug test. They are determined to keep my children from me and strip me of my parental rights, as long as I continue to refuse this test. My 12 and 8 yr old were first placed back in foster care, then my mother was given temporary custody, and most recently my ex gained temporary custody and moved them two states over. My three year old went to a different foster home and has remained there. I believe these people want to adopt my son and the other day the social worker said if he is adopted out then they would have first choice. The foster mother has had my son call her momma and my visits are cancelled or rescheduled according to their schedules.

  7. name unknown says:

    I was called on by my old school district they called youth and county services on me twice once in 2009 and this year in 2010 when i moved to a new school district. My 6 year old pees her pants at night i give her baths twice a day one in the morning and one at night. The school complained my kid smelt like urine and her hair was not brushed. that is a lie i told the youth and county worker i care for my 6 year old and she takes baths i buy good nights for her and she is potty trained. she pees her pants when she can not hold it they think i was neglecting her and that is not true.

    They called the same case worker twice to my house once he did a surprise apperance and the second time he called to come over i agreed and talked to him he talked to the kids and told me that another complaint was made i told him what i said before she has problems holding her urine at night and during the day and she has premature altisum and she is now enrolled in special education services and gets to school on a bus and she eats and has clean clothes and she is loved i don’t hit my child nor do i neglect my child.

    he told me so you know about her issue i told him yes and he said i came out to do a follow up on a complaint that he said do i know why they complaining i told him no and he told me about the same problem.

    I told him i understand not a problem he came out to talk with me and then he talked to my kids about school and do they like riding on the bus and do i feed them and do i give them baths they told him yes and he told me execution of cancellation letter that no more further action is nessary and that he believes it is a false report and i understood and i asked him will i get anything in the mail and he told me yes.

    Do i have to be worried they will take my children he did not want to come in my house he wanted to take a look at the kids and tell me what was going on since it was the same case worker from the first time i was reported and that report was false from the same person from the previous school the kids arrended.

    1.Sould i be scared and worried?
    2. The person or person who reported a false report will they be in trouble by the county?
    3. Do i have a right to talk to a attorney about the issue and file a class action law suit against the person or people that complained?

    I feel i am being harrassed and i feel the reports that were made were not true and the case worker told me that he wanted to follow up on the same report and he told me he knows that the report was not accurately true.

    Any one please let me know do i need to be worried. I don’t neglect my kids i love them and take the best care of them and make sure they are well taken care of.

    The reports were false and does the county have the right to take action on a false claim made on a child that was not true meaning does the person who called on the parent of a child could they get into trouble and cited for lieing and who is exempt from that.I am in the state of pa in central pa near hershey pa.

    Thank you

  8. Jen says:

    I just want to know how to go about finding an attorney who will take on DCBS. My children were taken from me because a DCBS investigator said I was guilty of neglect. No courts found me guilty, and after receiving the letter from her saying I was guility, I sent a letter to the onbudsman wanting a chance to appeal her findings. My complaint met the standards it had to meet, I had a hearing in Feb, 2010 and I recieved the notice in June 2010 stating the decision was to be reversed and my name was not to be place on an abuse list.

    • Bella says:

      If you have or have found a GOOD KY lawyer can you please forward me the address?! I have an adjuration court date or something of the sort coming up soon and can’t find a GOOD lawyer to save me and my baby boy, but I have a terrible husband were (seperated) but his crazy mother-law ,who thinks my baby is hers and trying to be able to raise a third boy (husband has a brother as well) but I’m loosing it. My soon to be ex husband is listening to her call me all of these names and I’m a DAMN good mother. We did everything together, and they took my son based on my babysitters (for 3 days ONLY) report that I had abandoned him….SERIOUSLY?! He’s everything to me, I need help and the justice system is failing me maybe it’s just KY idk. I DO KNOW IM STILL SEARCHING FOF a SOUTH WESTERN KY PLEASE I’l pay I just to see where the “specialize”

      BTW can you PLEASE help me with what to do next?!

  9. Bob Espersen says:

    To update all of you that have listened to Guyla’s side. She is in custody and lodged in the Barren County KY jail being arraigned for Class1 Felony possession of an unknown controlled substance, Complicity to the manufacturing of Methamphetamines, and possession of drug paraphernalia.

    This happened yesterday 2/24/2011. So Yes I am an ass But I did the right thing for my Children.

    “The ex-husband

  10. Pingback: Drug Abuse Help Line features a partnership with recognized drug addiction centers throughout The US. Together with a 100 Percent no cost call, you can expect specifics of treatment facilities that have financing available and acknowledge insurance covera

  11. kindness says:

    I live in canton ohio It is time for all of us to come together in all states we need to get a 1 800 number set up so people from all states can we need away to get people linked up with others in there states we have to keep exposing cps / family court we need all parents / families to come out of hiding we should not be scared to fight for are innocent children / grandchildren my landlord is helping me & many other parents / familes here in ohio in are fight for are children / grandchildren I would like for everyone to know we are trying to start up a organzation to help parents / families get closed cps cases reopen we have a lot of work to do to get the organization started we need a lot of help / support I would like for people in all states to contac me my e-mail is join me & my landlord in are fight for all of are inncent children / grandchildren Let’s all come together to stop cps

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