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As I read Hamilton Mutual Insurance Co. of Cincinnati v. Buttery, 2005-CA-000233-MR & 000426-MR (January 26, 2007)(To be published) out of the Kentucky Court of Appeals I was dismayed by the horrendous conduct of the insurance company and how long … Continue reading

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Education is the Key!

Provided by a CPA except for a change to #6 to maintain a semblance of political correctness: Last week I purchased a burger at Burger King for $1.58. The counter girl took my $2 and I was digging for my … Continue reading

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The Injustice of Custody Battles

I wish I could be posting more often. However, I have been embroiled in two different custody actions. It is befuddling how two people who lived with each other for years, conceived a child or children together, seen each other … Continue reading

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Justice may be blind – but she’s loaded!

The web is alive with news that at least one New York law firm has bumped up the starting salary of their new associations to $160,000.00. See Above the Law for a start. Here is Lexington, Kentucky Stoll Keenon Ogden … Continue reading

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Attorneys, Churches, Marketing

Check out this post regarding the intersection of attorneys, the church, and marketing. It seems that there would be a way for attorneys to interact ethically with churches and that providing legal information would further the pursuit of justice. There … Continue reading

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Improving Child Protection in Kentucky part 3

This one sounds straight-forward but it would be difficult. How exactly does one define “neglect, abuse, and dependency” in such a way as to eliminate overreaching but also allow family court judges to protect children in need. I do think … Continue reading

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Improving Child Protection in Kentucky part 2

The second Inspector General’s recommendation is a powerful one: 2. DCBS should implement Inspection Teams to periodically complete unannounced inspections of DCBS offices. This process should be modeled after such teams utilized by the Kentucky State Police to ensure agency … Continue reading

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