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Holidays are rough for families in conflict

Yes, I practice family law. And yes, I handle divorce actions as part of that practice. And, I am most successful in that when I help my client reconcile. Sometimes this reconciliation means the divorce never happens and they re-invest in their marriage. Sometimes, though, reconciliation… Continue reading

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Avoid timeshare conflict being your childrens’ Christmas gift

The season celebrating God the Father giving up His most precious gift: His only Son born of Him, becomes the season of giving grief. This is because we all (not just divorced parents) turn the season into one of being entitled. An expectancy of receiving takes hold. As parents, we slip into holding the holiday itself as… Continue reading

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When fraud hits home

I know this is not actually a “family law” issue, but some businesses pray exclusively on our desire to keep our families safe. Because of that, I wanted to re-post this article I wrote about violations of the Kentucky Consumer Protection Act here…. Continue reading

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What is Environmental Neglect of a Child

I finished a five hour long hearing (known as a CAPTA hearing) appealing the finding of neglect by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Department for Protection and Permanency (“Cabinet”). I will not know the outcome of this for at least thirty (30) days and even then the recommendation by the hearing officer will not be final. So, I do not want to comment on this specific case. However, it was an “environmental neglect” investigation that resulted in a finding of neglect and I discovered in the hearing that the investigation worker did not even know the regulatory requirements for…. Continue reading

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Hiding assets in a divorce – just not worth it

Sometimes people are tempted to leave assets off of these disclosures. This just seems silly to me. The other party nearly always discovers the omission. If assets are hidden, then that provides grounds for any settlement or judgment entered to be set aside and tends to piss off the judge…. Continue reading

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Quick, claim the quitclaim

I took a call from a lady who has called several times over the past two years for help on various things. Today she was asking about a quitclaim deed. Some call this mistakenly a “quick claim” deed because they think it is quick. Actually, it is a “quitclaim” or “quit-claim” deed because the grantor is quitting their claim to the property. They are merely… Continue reading

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