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What kind of lawyer would you prefer?

I do not know what is wrong with me!? I had need to consult with an attorney long ago before… Continue reading

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How much is too much?

This article regarding Steve Beshear and the legal fees associated with the demise of Kentucky Central Life Insurance Company is likely the first of many on this topic. The article is focusing on the ramifications for Steve Beshear’s bid for … Continue reading

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Writer’s block

It has been a number of days since I have posted. I have been busy, but this time that is not the reason. The reason is I have had writer’s block. I have been reading stories in the news about … Continue reading

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I can’t say it any better so I will simply qoute the Greatest American Lawyer: One of the hazards of our profession is more subtle. Many lawyers are so desensitized by the fact that they have to take “positions” in … Continue reading

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Sometimes good guys finish first!

Sorry for the absence – hopefully it was noticed! Last week involved a hearing in a rather intense custody battle and I have been digging out my desk these past days. My opponent inspired this prior post. True to his/her … Continue reading

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Justice may be blind – but she’s loaded!

The web is alive with news that at least one New York law firm has bumped up the starting salary of their new associations to $160,000.00. See Above the Law for a start. Here is Lexington, Kentucky Stoll Keenon Ogden … Continue reading

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Protecting the poor

This is an excellent quote posted by Lawreader from Miller v. Commonwealth, 270 Ky. 378 (KY, 1937): Indeed, it is, for the poor, the lowly, and the helpless, that governments and courts have been set up and laws have been … Continue reading

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