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Blended families and estate planning

If you have a blended family be sure to talk to a lawyer who understands these issues to make sure your family is protected the way you want if you were to pass away. Continue reading

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Hidden Issues in Child Support 1

An opposing attorney may tell you, if you are not represented by a lawyer in a divorce action, that child support is very cut and dried and the amount they are proposing is determined by statute. This is a partially true statement. It is determined by statute and in the realm of things, it is indeed cut and dried in comparison to other legal matters. However, … Continue reading

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Dividing stuff up

In short, a domestic support obligation that arises from the distribution of property will be treated as a general unsecured debt in a Chapter 13. This creates a quandary for settling matters, especially in this market where houses (the major asset that is divided up in a divorce) take so long to sell. If there is a major asset, like a house, that has equity to be divided and one party wants to hold onto it or control its sale, one strategy is to realize that equity through debt. Continue reading

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