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Jesus and DNA testing

I heard that even CNN was reporting that DNA had been used to show that Jesus’ burial place was discovered. This truly is amazing given that DNA TESTING DID NOT EVEN EXIST UNTIL THIS CENTURY! The most DNA testing could … Continue reading

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By the way, 2010 is the year to die if you are rich

For those of you who will pass along an estate of more than 2 million dollars as an individual, 2010 is the year to pass. The Federal Estate and Gift Tax will not exist that year. This year, 2008 and … Continue reading

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Writer’s block

It has been a number of days since I have posted. I have been busy, but this time that is not the reason. The reason is I have had writer’s block. I have been reading stories in the news about … Continue reading

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Frivolous lawsuit or llife of pain

This post at the Kentucky Law Review caught my eye (click here). First because of the amount of the verdict, second because of the quotes from the plaintiff about what his life has been like since the accident. Finally, and … Continue reading

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Not enough by a long shot

The Herald-Leader reported that $2.5 million added to the Boni Bill. Many are applauding this as a good first step. What the the Cabinet needs – more workers. What the Cabinet gets – panic buttons. Someone please tell me how … Continue reading

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Improving Child Protection in Kentucky, Part 6

I want to point out a connection that seems to be getting little attention. Today’s Herald Leader has this article regarding proposed legislation to increase social worker safety. Yesterday, the Herald-Leader had this article about removing language from proposed legislation … Continue reading

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Look before you release!

Here is a post that could help prevent the inadvertent loss of a claim by settling and releasing with one party: (click here) “The key in looking at when a release of an employee also releases the employer is determining … Continue reading

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