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Lying to the Federal Government

Lying to the Federal Government is a felony under 18 USC Sec. 1001. This is the crime for which what Martha Stewart was actually convicted. It is a very broad law which covers lying to the Executive, Legislative, or Judicial … Continue reading

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Child fatalities in Kentucky

Reading the stories about Michaela in the ol’ H-L have been especially disconcerting. You see, I knew Michaela. At least briefly. She lived in Lexington when my family moved about four houses down from her. Even though she exhibited some … Continue reading

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Finally, good press for lawyers

Please go see the movie Amazing Grace. It is truly an inspiring movie and it reveals how the devious mind of a lawyer thought up the legislative catalyst that finally brought down the slave trade. Glad we are good for … Continue reading

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A potential client called my office the other day. This person was expecting their spouse to serve divorce papers in the next few days and wanted to know what to expect. I talked to this person for a little over … Continue reading

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A step in the right direction in choosing judges

Personally, I remain skeptical of electing judges. Prior to entering the legal profession, I saw judges names on the ballet and I had no idea who they were or why one would be better than the other. Many times I … Continue reading

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How Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are the same, or, Why I’ll never be President, or, How voters prefer liars:

In reading the recent articles about Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, such as this one, I see a familiar theme. It does not shock me and instead of feeling outrage, I feel a slow burn. The A.G. denies having direct knowledge … Continue reading

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The billable hour trap

Here are two interesting posts regarding lawyering and billable hours. The first by The Greatest American Lawyer and the second by LexingtonLawyers. Personally, I would prefer money to fall down from heaven like manna so that I could just proceed … Continue reading

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