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Alliance Peacemaking: Conflict Coach

I have benefited immensely from the alternative conflict resolution training offered by Alliance Peacemaking. Even though I am already a certified Family and Divorce Mediator in Kentucky, I have sharpened skills, gained insights, and adopted some effective approaches through the … Continue reading

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Next Gen. Mediation

There is a better model of mediation! Continue reading

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The budget from the Kentucky House of Representatives proposes cutting an additional $36.3 million dollars from the courts next year and $40.6 million for the year after that… Do you want to wait for months for your case to be tried by a less than high-caliber or inexperienced judge? Continue reading

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Litigation Disillusionment

Any family law practitioner who has handled at least a handful of divorces has encountered the situation where the actions of the person they represent confounds them. What often stymies the lawyer is that their client seems determined to spend … Continue reading

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Justice Remains Elusive

A decade has past and, based on my experience with more litigants than I can count, justice remains elusive. That is why I am excited to take my law degree plus my courtroom and litigation experience and combine it with my prior career in the human services field to offer mediation services with an emphasis …. Continue reading

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