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Alternate titles: “Two year wild goose chase” or “Nobody messes with insurance companies!”

After two years of investigation and months preparing an indictment, a huge fraud case against an even bigger insurance company went away – and it only rated page A3 in the Herald Leader: “Sensitive fraud investigation is shut down”. Oh, … Continue reading

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In the spirit of forgiveness:

Since todays theme appears to be on forgiveness, I wanted to note that some states have passed or are passing “I’m Sorry” legislation . It generally seems like a good idea. I was told repeatedly in Law School that anytime … Continue reading

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What exactly does insurance insure?

Check out this excellent article at Kentucky Law blog regarding the insurance industry. It confirms some of what I wrote a few months back here.

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Look before you release!

Here is a post that could help prevent the inadvertent loss of a claim by settling and releasing with one party: (click here) “The key in looking at when a release of an employee also releases the employer is determining … Continue reading

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As I read Hamilton Mutual Insurance Co. of Cincinnati v. Buttery, 2005-CA-000233-MR & 000426-MR (January 26, 2007)(To be published) out of the Kentucky Court of Appeals I was dismayed by the horrendous conduct of the insurance company and how long … Continue reading

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$1.7 Million Sponge

A jury in Lexington recently returned a verdict of $1.7 million to a woman because of sponges left in her during a surgery and the resulting complications.  See Lawreader for more details.  This large verdict is unusual for Lexington, Kentucky.  … Continue reading

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Spend a Little – Save a Lot

Two situations I encountered this past week really drove home how valuable it is to obtain a little professional advice before agreeing to something.  For privacy reasons I can only say that both of them signed away something very valuable … Continue reading

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