Writer’s block

It has been a number of days since I have posted. I have been busy, but this time that is not the reason. The reason is I have had writer’s block. I have been reading stories in the news about how the numbers of people in severe poverty have risen faster than any other segment of society since 2000. Other stories have reported on how the numbers of people dependent on some form of welfare or government subsidy has not declined. Apparently foreclosures are reaching new heights, especially in Kentucky. The proposed federal budget provided such low increases in social spending programs that inflation caused them to actually have cuts.

Whether you say we are winning the war in Iraq or failing miserably, you have to admit we remain deeply entrenched there. Now it looks like we may be entering pre-war posturing with Iran (my law school chums may recall that I often stated that Iran was the greater threat – told you so!).

But, then there are articles about how great the economy is and the strength of the stock market (today aside). Many corporations are reporting fantastic profits – including oil companies.

I think my block has to do with trying to define a unified theory of the state of the world. Such a theory remains elusive – or at least the articulation of it. Bottom line for this blog, though, is that when there are so many poor and so few resources going to American’s in poverty, then justice for many will remain elusive.

I recently took part in a pro bono legal clinic. It was a tiny drop in a big ocean of need, but it was worthwhile. We cannot wait for the government to respond to the trends that I sense are building to a crisis point (over the course of the next couple of decades). But each of us can contribute each month or each year to improve access to justice for the poor.

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