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Legal Separation v Divorce

One would be hard pressed to find an attorney in Kentucky who would bring up, much less advocate, the use of legal separation over that of a dissolution of marriage (divorce) in situations where… Continue reading

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Reducing the Expense in Legal Separation or Divorce

For this service as scrivener, I am able to charge my lowest possible flat rate that includes a consultation and preparation of the documents… Continue reading

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What’s a Scrivener?

I have, at times, successfully offered a couple who wish to have a legal separation or have determined for certain that a divorce must occur the services of scrivener. First of all, I am not commenting on this to in any way encourage divorce. Divorce usually does not accomplishes the freedom or healing the parties expect. Rather, I am merely offering an alternative to the traditional adversarial lawyer versus lawyer dissolution action that can be so costly…. Continue reading

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