Reducing the Expense in Legal Separation or Divorce

For a really long time there was a lady here in the Lexington area who sold forms for people to fill out to file divorce. Many referred to her as “the hut lady” because of the facility that she operated from. However, she was eventually put out of business for the unlicensed practice of law. I do not know the details, but I assume that she helped people fill those forms out and, obviously, was not a licensed attorney. Judges were often frustrated by the errors that abounded in these particular divorce cases.

However, in the absence of the hut lady’s low cost forms, there are now many people in circumstances where they need the legal protections of the court, but they are unable to afford help and are also unable to secure the limited services available through pro bono services or legal aid clinics.

One alternative that I provide for people who are in agreement on issues of custody, timeshare, child support, maintenance (if any) and division of the marital property and debt is the service of scrivener. That is a fancy word that is basically one who plays the role of scribe. They take down the information and agreements and put it into the proper format acceptable to the court. They do not appear at court and do not represent a party as an attorney, though one needs to be a lawyer to provide this service.

I have been quite vocal that I am not in favor of divorce generally, yet I am aware that there are circumstances where people simply cannot remain in the marriage as it exists. So, one of the advantages of using me (or lawyer of your choice) as a scrivener, is that I can give information on the options available under the law including divorce and legal separation.

For this service as scrivener, I am able to charge my lowest possible flat rate that includes a consultation and preparation of the documents, but not the filing fees with the court. If you cannot afford a lawyer or you want to minimize the conflict and litigation that can arise in a divorce, feel free to give me a call and I will explain the details of how this works.

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1 Response to Reducing the Expense in Legal Separation or Divorce

  1. Daelin says:

    I love this idea that you have for simplifying the divorce papers for those who have come to an agreement between themselves regarding the conditions of their separation. I know plenty of couples who worked out a fair solution, and they only need to finalize the divorce through the proper legal process. I know that I would be very lost if I needed to do the paperwork without help, but I’d be afraid of the cost of lawyers.

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