A Time of Renewal

It have been many months since I posted anything on this informational weblog (blog). Family law is an incredibly challenging arena in which to practice as many attorneys will attest. Those who never practiced family law would be the first to say they have no desire to do so because it is so difficult in a very unique way. In family law matters, especially divorce and custody matters, emotions are so raw and the stakes are so intimately tied to each parties life. The family law attorney steps into this mix.

Some lawyers handle the rawness of family law by growing a bit callous to the emotions of their client or they may stay raw themselves. They may even act out in court the anger that their client is feeling. This may be a purposeful strategy or it may be subconscious. And so, I believe it is valuable for any family law attorney to take a hiatus and make sure they are offering their clients the very best assistance they can unimpaired by such issues.

And so, I am returning to family law from just such a hiatus with a renewed sense of mission and renewed hope. Many lawyers can navigate the bare procedures and laws of family law. There is no tremendously heavy mental lifting involved in the average case. However, not many can do so while offering real encouragement and hope to their clients regardless of the exact outcome in court. I am bragging a bit here, but I am one of those few.

So, if you, a friend, or a family member is going through a family law crisis, please let them know my name. I would be glad to meet with them and see if I am the right attorney for them.

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