Improving Child Protection in Kentucky (Moment of Silence) postscript:

I followed up regarding my concerns, posted here, about Representative Stan Lee’s sweeping and innaccurate portrayal of ALL the family court judges in Fayette County being against ALL of HB 151. I have confirmed from a very knowledgeable and reliable source that ALL of the Fayette family court judges were, in actuality, in favor of HB 151 as it had been amended. This directly contradicts Mr. Lee’s assertion. I will not venture in to try and discern why his stated reason for voting against HB 151 was false except that, even if the best light, it was sloppy on his part.

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7 Responses to Improving Child Protection in Kentucky (Moment of Silence) postscript:

  1. Geoff Brown says:

    I don’t know much about this specific controversy, but I’d like to make a suggeston to Kentucky teachers who want to stop child abuse more effectively. Often when teachers notice signs of child abuse, we don’t know what to say to the student. It’s a real emotional and legal minefield. So either we say the wrong thing — and send the child back into a frightened silence — or we don’t say anything. And the abuse continues. Now there’s an online role-playing course that lets teachers rehearse a conversation with a possible child abuse victim. There’s a free version, and a CEU-credit version for teachers. Hopefully it will be useful for all the teachers who’d like to reduce the epidemic of child abuse in our country.

  2. Amy Mischler says:

    Now if there was just free online role-playing course that would allow social workers to identify what is actually child abuse, and that which isn’t.

  3. Dawn Brown says:

    That crack about social workers is not fair at all. Yes there are social workers who were a part of wrong doings but like in every profession there are unethical people. Don’t lump social workers all into one category.

    I work for CPS and I very much support the legislative efforts to make changes to safe guard the rights of families. At the same time I know that most of the CPS employees that I encounter want to do the right things but we all are human and therefore fallible. Secondly, social workers are not the only people involved in the decisions made for these families. We are just one piece of the puzzle that makes up the child welfare system. Is anyone bashing the judges who might make poor decisions to rip families apart unnecessarily and they are elected to office?

    Working for CPS is one of the hardest jobs there is. Abuse and neglect is not cut and dry to determine. If we don’t act we get bombarded from the public and even possibly sued if a child is hurt. If we do act, people are ready to attack us for breaking up families. We go into dangerous places unannounced to try to protect these kids while dealing with people who are volatile. We have case loads and responsibilities that are not even humanly possible to manage. Yet you attack us. You couldn’t walk a week in these shoes.

  4. Dawn,

    Thank you so much for responding and for your passion. I’d like to know specifically what “crack” you are talking about. I have taken great pains to present both sides of the issues and if you read all my posts, you would see that I have a great deal of respect for the majority or workers who tackled this incredibly difficult job. However, having a difficult job does not give a free pass on doing the job well and ethically. Some of your co-workers seem to think it does give them that license to take short cuts. As for walking a week in your shoes – I did walk in those shoes for many YEARS – both as a worker and as a supervisor.

    Also, you should know that NO social services worker in Kentucky has ever been successfully sued. Secondly, the Cabinet and indivdual workers carry far more power and authority than you seem to realize. That being said, I have posted about judges and lawyers as well. You are correct, there are unethical practitioners in every profession. Please take more time and get the fuller picture of what I have written. This is, after all, the main thing I encourage workers to do – get the fuller picture.

    Thanks again.

  5. Mom says:

    To the social worker who tries to take the high road yeah..right..yeah there are unethical people in every job..but your job is responsible for the lives of Families. How many children are in foster care that could be with parents if CPS actually did the job they CHOSE to do. If I am wrong please correct me but i thought cps was suppose to help the parents that jump through the hoops and go through the humiliation, the parents who admit to making a mistake and all it takes is to provide them with the resources and the support to take care of there children. Instead to meet quota you opt to terminate rights(yeah some parents don’t care..but there are lots more that do.) This is madness. As far as the piece of the puzzle, you are the biggest piece. The judges only know what you go in that court room and say even if it’s not the truth( lying is done more often than not.) Do you stand up to your supervisors when you know these decision are wrong??? These are not bonus check but children and alot have parents who love them..Foster care is no guarantee cause after all they are people too, and kids are often abused more in them than at home..Most of the cases you get are for non-intentional abuse..I feel like you guys have to be perfect to judge these people so harshly..Again i understand perm removal for some children are warrented but again there are lots more where it’s not.

  6. Alie says:

    Mom, that was very well said! I couldn’t have said it better myself! I am currently battling to get my son home from the Cabinet and the only stability that he has had is that me and hubby have been the ONLY STABILITY HE HAS HAD SINCE HE WAS REMOVED IN JANUARY OF THIS YEAR! While in care he has had more than 1 placement, more than 1 set of foster parents, more than 1 school, more than 1 counselor and 1 foster parent placed his hands around my sons throat.

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