Governor Beshear – pick me!

The ingrained culture and complex blend of regulations and underfunding mean Governor Beshear needs to pick just the right person to fix the problems described in the Hereald-Leader article titled “Central Ky. has worst record” . At the risk of appearing immodest, I am that person. Who better than someone who has worked inside the system, seen the problems first hand, and also has the educational background to put that into the larger context? He needs someone who can take a pragmatic and grounded approach rather than simply picking a traditional politcal ally (but hey, I did vote for him!). The only challenge is that I need one of you good folks that actually know the Governor to appoint me. I am guessing he will not be returning my phone calls. So, if one of you is in the Governor’s inner circle, let him know that I can fix the problems plaguing the Cabinet. It is going to take an absolute change in that culture and not just a new initiative here and a tweaking of the policies there, but I will pull it off for him. Call me!

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