A chance to practice

This article from today’s Herald Leader on The W loosening strip-mining regulations provides a perfect opportunity to show your patriotism and practice denial. Just try repeating this mantra: “Stip mining is good. More stip mining is better. No eastern Kentucky communities in the ‘hollers’ will be harmed by dumping debri in their streams. Flattened mountains are good: they allow more sunlight into the hollers. They can be replanted with non-indigenous plant species that local wildlife, such as deer and elk, will not eat but that grows fast to cover the scarred, barren landscape. Flattened mountains are good for the economy – you can build stip malls on the stip mines and boost the economy. Strip mining good.”

If this does not help right away, take two Xanax and keep repeating it. After awhile, you will feel so much better about The W making it easier for strip miners to maximize their profits and do less to protect the environment.

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