Difficult choices for women:

While I am not a woman, I am closely related to several so I have some empathy for the issues involved in decisions related to career, marriage and family discussed in this post by Susan Cartier Liebel.

Also, as a family law practitioner, I have seen husbands suddenly decide they are ready to be free of their wife and responsibilities and file divorce. Instantly, they believe they owe nothing at all to the wife who made career sacrifices to stay at home or work shorter hours to care for the children. This decision is one that should be honored and appreciated by those husbands and society. Preferrably that honoring would be in the form of working to revive the marriage, but if the marriage ends, the honorable thing would be for the husband to step up and pay maintenance, at least for a time, without whining about it.

Those women who decide to balance family and career should also be respected and honored for this decision. They should be respected for the drive and independent spirit this exhibits and honored for the wisdom to not trust their futures solely to their spouse in this age of ready divorce.

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