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Shaken Baby Syndrome, a second look:

Here is a thought provoking article about shaken baby syndrome. The main question is about the time frame in which symptoms are likely to present. Some experts now question the conventional wisdom of immediate onset and consider a window of … Continue reading

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Good to see progress with Child Protection in Kentucky:

No need to re-write – check out this post at Lawreader. It is a step in the right direction.

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Why we presume innocence:

Here is a story about the 200th person to be set free from prison and exonerated by DNA evidence. Often we pay lip service to the idea of presumption of innocence, but deep down believe anyone charged with a crime, … Continue reading

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One cost of cutting taxes:

I could not find a link for this story from the New York Times News Service reprinted in the H-L today. The headline read “Infant mortality rates rise in the south”. Briefly, the article states that infant mortality in Mississippi … Continue reading

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Sometimes justice is deaf too

This post at LawReader provides an in-depth treatment of witnesses recanting from criminal trials and the rarity of such an event leading to a new trial.

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In the spirit of forgiveness:

Since todays theme appears to be on forgiveness, I wanted to note that some states have passed or are passing “I’m Sorry” legislation . It generally seems like a good idea. I was told repeatedly in Law School that anytime … Continue reading

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I’m glad the Federal government is so understanding:

I read an article in today’s H-L that was so full of comassion and hope. You can read it here. It is about how the White House has acknowledged they “mishandled” e-mails related to official business (perhaps the firing of … Continue reading

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