Justice may be blind – but she’s loaded!

The web is alive with news that at least one New York law firm has bumped up the starting salary of their new associations to $160,000.00. See Above the Law for a start. Here is Lexington, Kentucky Stoll Keenon Ogden started their 2006 graduates out around $84k and some change. Stites and Greenebaum are in that range more or less. Then, one drops down to mid-size firms who paid their 2006 graduates about $45k. Lousville firms are paying roughly the same – maybe a couple k more. I checked a cost of living calculator and found that $85k here in Lexington equaled $183k in Manhattan.

Now, for those of you going to a big law firm, I hope you realize that most of your work will actually be done by one of those brand new lawyers who are just as inexperienced as every other brand new lawyer. While they were the top of their class (or a relative of a partner), the difference in brain power between the tip-top and the rest of the class measured in decimal places. Choose well Grasshopper!

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