Improving Child Protection in Kentucky part 2

The second Inspector General’s recommendation is a powerful one:

    2. DCBS should implement Inspection Teams to periodically complete unannounced inspections of DCBS offices. This process should be modeled after such teams utilized by the Kentucky State Police to ensure agency integrity and compliance. The teams, at a minimum, should be responsible for ensuring that DCBS offices are operating in an effective and efficient manner and adhering to all applicable laws and regulations, as well as agency rules, regulations, policies, and procedures. Further, the teams should ensure that complaints made by staff, courts, advocates, law enforcement, clients, and citizens are evaluated and resolved when validated. The reviews should be conducted uniformly, objectively, free of personal opinions and real or perceived conflicts of interest. The team’s written reports should be submitted to the DCBS Commissioner, Office of Inspector General, General Counsel and Cabinet Secretary. The DCBS Commissioner should sign such report to evidence his/her review and understanding of the team’s findings.

Like I pointed out before, the accreditation process was flawed because a great deal of energy and resources were exerted to make a select group of files look flawless. Since resources were finite, that means that other areas suffered. With the above approach, the goal would be to maintain best practices all the time and with all the families so the finite resources would be distributed more evenly.

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