Free Legal Advice

I have some legal advice that I am quite comfortable putting forth as sound:  Do not go to court drunk.  Nothing good can come of it, especially if you have been court ordered to refrain from alcohol use in order to regain custody of your child.  I witnessed this recently in a courtroom that shall remain anonymous and I suspect the week in jail the intoxicated parent received will be a sobering experience – at least temporarily.  By the way, drinking several mixed drinks the night before your court date will still leave your very intoxicated that next morning. 

I also learned that Fayette County courts have portable breathalyzers readily available right there in the courtroom.  Now that’s judicial efficiency! 

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One Response to Free Legal Advice

  1. Hey that’s not only great advice for defendants and plaintiffs but also for attorneys and judges!

    In fact I support random drug testing for judges. You can’t get a job pushing carts off the Wal-Mart parking lot without a drug screen, yet you can make decisions of life and death. A judge has incredible power almost like that of a god. With the stroke of a pen they can take away everything that you have.

    With a rash of bizarre behavior by judges over the past several years (including using a penis pump on the bench), I think that this inexpensive procedure is something whose time has come.

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