Yet Another Reason to go Small!

Here is a quote from a great post on by Carolyn Elefant about the value one gets from a solo or small firm:

“Say you decide to charge a flat fee of $18,000 for an appeal that you predict will take you 40 hours to research, brief and argue at your most efficient.  That’s around $450 an hour, $360 even if you take 10 hours more than planned.  Moreover, a $18k appeal is a pretty good deal for a company.   Now, let’s take that same appeal to the big
Boston law firm.  Figure 30 hours for the 5th year associate to reseach and draft the brief ($14,550 at $485/hr), with 15 hours research and proofing assistance from the first year ($4125 at $275/hr).  But then once the briefs have been filed, we can assume that an upper level partner will argue the case, so he or she will need at least a conservative 8 hours of review and prep at $600/hour.  Suddenly, that appeal is up to $23,475, $5k above what you’ve offered, not to mention better value, since when you argue the case, you’ll have the benefit of having done the research yourself.”

I looked up the list that she references earlier in the post from and found a large Cincinnati firm.  This is the closest to Lexington, Kentucky that I could find:

Dinsmore & Shohl (306) (
1st $160 5th $200
2d $170 6th $210
3d $180 7th $215
4th $190 8th $225


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