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Temporary Custody Not Modification

I have no idea how many unsuspecting parents have been caught in a temporary custody trap but it appears that the Kentucky Supreme Court is providing some much needed clarification.  In Crouch v Crouch, 2005-SC-0761-DGE (September 21,2006)(To be published) a parent called … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a fun holiday!

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Can’t Live with Him (or her). . .

The vast majority of marriages are barely breathing, even on life support, by the time one of the spouses calls an attorney.  This explains why nearly all family law practitioners immediately proceed to explain the process of divorce (dissolution of the marriage … Continue reading

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When to Start You Own Practice

Here’s a great post from Seth Godin’s Blog about when to start your own solo or small firm: “When to start The best time to start is when you’ve got enough money in the bank to support all contingencies. The best … Continue reading

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Confession: Good for the soul and your marriage

I found this article on the Divorce Law Journal out of Louisville, Kentucky.  I think the therapists involved are tapping into some wisdom that isn’t new at all; rather, they are spiritual truths.  I would advise seeking the input of … Continue reading

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“Our Endangered Values”

I recently finished reading a book that really resonated with me.  I recommend it to Democrats and Republicans, Christians and those on other paths, for the perspective it offers on significant trends in the last several years in the relationship between politics and … Continue reading

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Small Firm = Big Value

It amazes me how high the operating costs are at mid-size and big firms and how low the profit margins.  As I reflect on my experiences with mid-size and big firms I can see why.  On average, for every two attorneys … Continue reading

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