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Hidden Issues in Child Support 1

An opposing attorney may tell you, if you are not represented by a lawyer in a divorce action, that child support is very cut and dried and the amount they are proposing is determined by statute. This is a partially true statement. It is determined by statute and in the realm of things, it is indeed cut and dried in comparison to other legal matters. However, … Continue reading

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Oh, no! The status quo

When one spouse decides to pursue a divorce, the non-filing spouse often feels an overwhelming sense of powerlessness. Their world turns upside down and the decision frequently surprises them. In these moments, desperation sets in and the non-filing spouse makes concessions to the filing spouse to try and win them back. The danger this creates is… Continue reading

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Child Support and Timeshare

A recent Supreme Court of Kentucky decisions, McFelia v McFelia, (August 29th, 2013) highlights the importance of establishing appropriate child support from the get-go in a divorce action. In this case, the father agreed to standard child support per…. Continue reading

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Child custody, timeshare and support in Kentucky

Do I have to pay child support if I don’t have custody or get to see my child? This is a common question I hear and the answer is “yes”; child support, child custody and timeshare are different issues. So long as a parent retains parental rights, it does not matter whether they have sole custody, joint custody or no custody – child support will be awarded. Continue reading

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Domestic Support Obligations and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy of an ex-spouse after the entry of a divorce decree (the dissolution of a marriage) can have substantial implications of obligations owed by that ex-spouse to you. ┬áI’ve written a post regarding domestic support obligations┬áin Chapter 7 as compared … Continue reading

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