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What is Environmental Neglect of a Child

I finished a five hour long hearing (known as a CAPTA hearing) appealing the finding of neglect by the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Department for Protection and Permanency (“Cabinet”). I will not know the outcome of this for at least thirty (30) days and even then the recommendation by the hearing officer will not be final. So, I do not want to comment on this specific case. However, it was an “environmental neglect” investigation that resulted in a finding of neglect and I discovered in the hearing that the investigation worker did not even know the regulatory requirements for…. Continue reading

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A Time of Renewal

….So, if you, a friend, or a family member is going through a family law crisis, please let them know my name. I would be glad to meet with them and see if I am the right attorney for them. Continue reading

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The Cabinet for Health & Family Services encounter a limit on their authority

The Cabinet can no longer base a finding of abuse or neglect merely on refusal to sign a plan and parents should not cave to the threat of legal action for mere refusal to sign. Instead, “the risk of harm must be more than a mere theoretical possibility, but an actual and reasonable potential for harm.” Make no mistake: I want parents to be held accountable and for the Cabinet to be able to keep children safe from abuse and neglect, but they cannot have unchecked power and discretion in pursuing their mandates. Parents do have rights in this country. Continue reading

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Best Practice in Dependency, Abuse & Neglect Matters

I am writing this to correct any idea that I inadvertently promoted that being adversarial with the Cabinet is the way to win your case (I mean adversarial in the sense of ones attitude rather than in the sense that the court process is an adversarial process). Those criticisms are designed mainly for a global change in the system through political action; they are not meant to fuel a personal vendetta in an individual case. Continue reading

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Stall Tactic – Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights

Kentucky sets forth the grounds for a court involuntarily terminating parental rights in KRS 625.090. The statute basically gives the essential elements, all of which much be proved by the heightened standard of “clear and convincing” evidence: the child has … Continue reading

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Accountability by the courts

A decsion rendered by the Kentucky Court of Appeals on May 16, 2008 reveals that the appellate courts are prepared to hold the Cabinet for Health and Family Services accountable in termination of parental rights cases. There are very few … Continue reading

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Crisis brewing

The Fayette County office of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, Protection and Permanency, is already in crisis mode and headings towards disaster. According to one source, there are only a dozen investigating workers and, due to budget constraints, … Continue reading

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You can fight City (or State) Hall, Ms Hall:

I’ve been wanting to comment on the antics of Cabinet for Health and Family Services’ Service Region Coordinator, Grace Akers, for some time. You can find out more about the events here and here from the Herald-Leader. Basically, Jami Hall, … Continue reading

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Improving Child Protection in Kentucky (Moment of Silence) postscript:

I followed up regarding my concerns, posted here, about Representative Stan Lee’s sweeping and innaccurate portrayal of ALL the family court judges in Fayette County being against ALL of HB 151. I have confirmed from a very knowledgeable and reliable … Continue reading

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Improving Child Protection in Kentucky Postscript (or – a moment of silence, please)

The title of this article from today’s Herald Leader was a bit too prophetic to be accidental: “Child protection revisions all but dead“. The impetus for this bill began back with the Office of Inspector General’s report many long months … Continue reading

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