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What kind of lawyer would you prefer?

I do not know what is wrong with me!? I had need to consult with an attorney long ago before… Continue reading

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A Time of Renewal

….So, if you, a friend, or a family member is going through a family law crisis, please let them know my name. I would be glad to meet with them and see if I am the right attorney for them. Continue reading

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Personal Soap Box: Insight Communications, Inc & the “bundling” trap

First of all, Insight is engaging in poor business practices in that they effectively punish people who become loyal customers. The second lesson then is that our reluctance to change is our enemy. The third lesson is that when a company gets large enough, they no longer have to reckon with the individual customer. Continue reading

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Small Firm = Big Value

It amazes me how high the operating costs are at mid-size and big firms and how low the profit margins.  As I reflect on my experiences with mid-size and big firms I can see why.  On average, for every two attorneys … Continue reading

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